Salber Williams


salber drinking tea in front of green screen
salber standing in the middle of three hanging screens
Zönoteka, Berlin, Germany
August 2018
Co-creator and performer in interactive media installation consisting of three screens in a triangular configuration. The work addressed the question: In a world in which we are spoken to as a general public and not as individuals, to what extent does our opinion, and furthermore, our presence matter?
Co-creatior; Technical Directior - Pierre Depaz

Documentation - Sarnt Utamachote
salber drinking milk on all fours
boy in yellow shirt standing in grassy fields
TheaterSpielRaum, Berlin, Germany
January-May 2018
Creator and performer in a dance theater adaptation of Eugene Ionesco’s Rhinoceros. The piece focused on the transformation of human beings into rhinos—high- lighting the states in between, both physical and political, ultimately trying to undertstand the complexity of why one would be pushed or make the choice to transform.
Co-creators; Performers - Marika Niko, Gabor Gellai
That Fly 70s...
all cast members sitting down masked
two futuristic woman sitting down
Zöneteka, Berlin, Germany
April-July 2018
Performer in this play turned feature film. With the increase in police brutality towards members of various minority groups, especially that of the blacks, this piece explores a world in which, as a result of black people being on the verge of extinction, the opposite is true. It is the year 2123 and it is mandatory that every black household has a robot officer to serve and protect them.
Writer; Directior - Mhla Ncube
Documentation - Amnon Bikovsky
Performers - Petra Wood, Mehira Cruz, Seth Nunez, Roxe Hetrea, Quincy Birch
Integrate ‘er
salber with dark sun glasses smiling over box
two girls sitting at desk center stage with audience around
English Theater Berlin, Germany
April 2018
Creator and performer in original piece, part of English Theater Berlin’s Expo Festival. The concept explores the infamiliarity and struggles faced upon arrival in a new land, namely, in Berlin. Consisting of two women and a bonfire of baggage—their belongings—the performance is a broken experiment of identity and compromise, ultimately attempting to figure out the meaning of ‘integration’.
Co-creator and Performer - Iva Topolovec

Assistant direction - Daniel Brunet
Documentation- Jerun Vahle
group dancing in front of the Bundestag
group dancing in front of flughafen tempelhof
Toured throughout Germany
August-September 2017
Choreographer and performer in a revitalisation of the Agitprop Theater. The traveling piece specifically addressed the relationship between art and politics during the lead up to the Bundestag Elections of September 24th 2017. Touring throughout Germany, the 30-minute intervention purposefully disrupted the rallies of all political parties, presenting an alternative, utopic, model of existence.
Co-creators - Patrick Schneider, Steffen Neupert, Jules Armana, Justus Wilcken, Corinne Schlichting
Sacred Sky, Sacred Earth
salber tied with ribbons in trees
lights in villa valley pathway
Florence, Italy
June 2016; June 2017
Co-creator and performer in a site-specific dance theater piece in Florence, Italy. The project was ultimately a meditation on environmental concerns and our relationship with that beauty which exists around us in tension with the ever-increasing destruction, of which we are responsible.
Direction - Allyson Green; Daniel Spector
Choreographic Direction: Allyson Green; Indah Walsh
Visuals - Peter Terezakis
Sound - Alan Stones
My House is Burning
salber sitting on tyre talking into mic
stage set up as house with salber on floor
Abu Dhabi, UAE
June 2016-May 2017
Writer and performer in an original multimedia autobiographical solo piece, grappling with the racist and gendered identities of Zimbabwe, in an attempt to reconcile the present with an ugly segregated colonial past. The text was largely based on interviews conducted with family members across the U.K, New Zealand, Australia, and Zimbabwe between June and July 2016.
Assistant direction - Lucas Olscamp

Dramaturgy - Debra Levine
Sound Design - Andrija Klaric
Projection Design - Harshini Karunaratne
Yellow Brick Road
salber trying to reach to hold on to her dog
wide shot of theater and the rounded burlap covered space
Abu Dhabi, UAE
September-October 2016
Artistic Collaborator & Performer in piece based on Baum’s classic novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. An exploration of contemporary conversations around climate crisis, displacement, bureaucracy, and dependency, combining conventions of traditional Japanese performance forms with both found texts and original material.
Director: Tomi Tsunoda
Sound Design: Matteo Marciano
NYU Reality Show
salber screaming with castmates
castmates doing chair Choreography
New York city, USA; Abu Dhabi, UAE
June-August 2014; 2015
Composer & Performer in NYC-based devised musical theater production in collaboration with the New York University Health and Wellness Exchange. A gritty and uplifting look at the travails of the college experience with the goal of reminding students that it is always better to live.
Direction: Ryan Amador; Preston Martin
Assistant Direction: Jeanna Phillips
Musical Direction: Ian Axness
Choreography: Neema Atri
MD (or the Whale)
salber and castmate on boat structure
castmates dressed as whales with the letters moby dick acorss their chests
Abu Dhabi, UAE
September-October 2013
Artistic Collaborator & Performer in dance/theater piece inspired by Herman Melville's classic novel Moby Dick. A multimedia investigation of daily life, relationships, the routine of work, the search for the impossible, and what happens when disaster intrudes.
Direction; Choreography - Witness Relocation: Dan Safer, Mike Mikos
Sound Design: Kaz Phillips